We got a call from Eddie after several garage door companies told him his project wasn’t possible.

After a friend recommended GR8 Garage Door (that’s us!), he finally got the answer he was looking for.

Eddie’s garage did not have room for a traditional overhead garage door installation. This meant we needed to do custom work in order to get what Eddie was looking for.

We used a standard overhead garage door, and transformed it to a tilt open garage door.

We achieved this by mounting the panels together to create a 1 piece door that can be tilted open. A traditional overhead has panels that move separate for each other in order to roll open and close.

Once we mounted the panels together to create a one piece door, we put the door on the scale in order to create the proper springs to support the door.

Eddie got the look he wanted in the end, and we were happy to find a solution that he needed!

After we were done, we also installed a brand new garage door opener to complete the project.

Below are some in progress and after pictures. You can see why a traditional overhead door wouldn’t fit in this garage, thanks to that huge post in the middle.

tilt open garage door