We got a call last week from Mark and Sarah that their garage door was off track in Whittier. They also noted that there were rollers on the floor and the cables were not looking good. 

We scheduled an appointment a few hours later to come out and take a look! When we arrived, we saw this: 

Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA

Not looking good! 

Not only was the garage door off track, the opener wasn’t adjusted properly, the springs were not the right size for the weight of the door and the cables here bad. Yikes! 

Add to that, Mark and Sarah have a VERY beautiful classic car parked in their garage. It barely fits! We didn’t want to do anything that could harm this car. 

Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA

See how tight the fit is!?

Fixing the Off Track Garage Door

The first step was leveling the garage door. We put all the rollers back in the hinges. This allowed us to remove the tension on the old, too small springs. 

Once that step was finished, we replaced the cables they had on their door with new, heavier gauge cables. This is what they looked like when we arrived: 

Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA

Then we installed new springs that are the correct size for this door. 

We also discovered that the upper panel of the garage door had a crack in it. Since this garage door had been discontinued, so ordering a new panel is out of the question, we installed 16′ strut and a center style to mount the opener J arm as reinforcement. Eventually, Mark and Sarah will need to get a new garage door, but this should hold for a while!  

Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA

Lastly, we adjusted the force of the garage door opener. When we checked as part of our routine inspection of the door during the repair, we saw the previous tech had adjusted the force to the max. Not good! This is why you need to ensure a professional who is licensed, insured and bonded, takes care of your repair! When the force is set to the max, the garage door opener is using all of it’s power to lift and shut the door. This isn’t a good idea. You need a tech who will adjust the opener taking into account the size of your springs and the weight of your door!

After we did all of that, the door was ready to go! Now they can safely get their beautiful car out and keep their door closed, and secure!

Off Track Garage Door Repair Project | Whittier, CA