The key to a long lasting quiet garage door system.

Proper garage door maintenance can seem like a nuisance, but if you keep up with it regularly, it’s not so bad. Plus it helps keep garage door repairs at a minimum and you can catch any issues before they become a more expensive fix.
Below are a few tips to keep your garage doors maintained!


1. Check your springs!

Rust is a common issue with metal, and it’s not good for your garage door springs! During a routine check, make sure to look at for rust on and around your springs. If rust collects on your springs, it can break them, which is a safety hazard and an expensive repair!

We recommend checking your springs every spring. See what we did there?! But a few times a year is ideal.

2. We in GR8 Garage Door know the importance of maintaining your system, but do you?

Lets take your car for example, when you drive your car and you start hearing strange noises, or if the drive becomes bumpy, I bet you would pull over or even take your car in to a mechanic. You won’t skip an oil change and if the breaks are squeaky you’ll replace them right away. Why should your garage door system be any different? A garage door system is very much like a well-oiled machine, and as such requires maintenance to keep its operation levels smooth and of course safe. Neglecting to do so will cause excessive wear and tear that can eventually lead to property damage and a costly bill.

3. Annual Cleaning

At least once a year, you should clean your garage door and do a thorough visual inspection. Check for rust on your springs and other metal parts. You can also take a towel and wipe down your tracks. Get rid of cobwebs and other debris. You can also hose down the inside and outside of your door as well!


4. Lubricate your garage doors!

Another great thing to do monthly or during your annual inspection is to lubricate your garage doors. Lubrication helps keep your doors working well all year long!

We recommend lubricating your door at least 4 times a year, or every quarter. Make sure when choosing a lubricant, you pick one that isn’t greasy or sticky. Debris can catch in the greasiness and cause problems. It can turn into a black paste over time, which is harder to clean and can cause your garage door parts to fail.

We recommend silicone based lubricants which work great! You can get a bottle on Amazon or your local hardware store. You can spray: tracks, hinges, locks, rollers, springs and any moving parts!


5. Call a Professional Garage Door Company

If any of these tasks seem overwhelming or you want to make sure it’s done right, don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door company. They can perform an annual maintenance check up for you to give you peace of mind. You can also look at how they inspect your garage so you can do it every quarter yourself! If you are in the Whittier or Greater Los Angeles area, give Gr8 Garage Door Repair a call! (310) 982-6428